Nancy Vongsengkeo is a contemporary artist motivated to honestly represent the relationship between her past and present.  She creates mixed-media paintings that express her inner emotions of her experiences of living in two very different cultures. Her paintings allow her to explore her experiences within each culture and the effects they have had on her growth and personality. 


Vongsengkeo was born in Fresno, California and raised in West Valley City, Utah.  She was influenced by growing up in two separate societies – an American at school and a Laotian at home. The vast differences in how she was treated by each society resulted in a struggle for her identity. Each culture had different expectations for her behavior and for who she could be. She uses her work to show the effects of trying to live up to expectations of each culture.   


After moving to Colorado, she returned to College and finally pursued her interest in art.  She will receive her Visual Art degree from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in Spring 2017.  She is very passionate about both the arts and education. She hopes to inspire others to pursue both further education and their own personal passions so they can grow into the best version of themselves possible. She hopes for a world where people develop and utilize critical thinking to try to understand all the various worlds they encounter on a daily basis.   

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